I See You Mamas, And You’re Not Alone

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I see you mamas!

The mamas who rise at 3am to clean house because it’s impossible when everyone is awake. (Even though she was up every hour to soothe the baby)

The mamas who make sure backpacks and lunches are packed with the exact right things.

The mamas who take an extra five in the shower to let it out because sometimes you just need a good cry. (Only to get out of the shower to see freshly cleaned house already a mess)

The mamas who wash, dry, fold on repeat. Who provide balanced dinners and breakfasts every damn day, and ensures the treats are available for bedtime snacks. (God forbid you forget)

The mamas who sit hours in appointments, cleaning, meal planning, PTO meetings and events, grocery shopping etc….

The mamas who give their all to their sick kids even though she is miserably ill herself.

The mamas who research and educate themselves in the health of their children, and striving to know better and do better (because let’s face it, how many of us actually turned out alright lol)

The mamas who bend over backwards to make sure your kids have everything they need and on most days everything they want.

I see you mama, and with all your effort to make this thing called life exceptional, you are yelled at, told you aren’t enough, blamed for everything, and expected to do it all even when you are exhausted. Reminded to take it easy and care for yourself and relax, but you know damn well if you do the work load quadrupled.

And your friendly reminder you are not alone, despite the terrible things the kids say you are amazing and they love you. (And even though your kids act like little buttholes, doesn’t mean they really are, unless they really are then I can’t help you with that one) #realtalk #motherhood

Also I call bullshit on the “minimalist simple life living in the moment” movements. I really just want to normalize that it is a fantasy 😜


-Katie Mullins, Mom of 4



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