Edmonton Family Had Their Dog Stolen From Their Yard; They are Now Warning Others to be on the Look Out

An Edmonton family in the Summerside neighbourhood caught a would-be pup theif red handed. One of the owners had put their dogs outside in their fenced yard, and within minutes, one was missing. Luckily, he spotted the sticky handed bandit before he got to his get away car, where an accomplice was waiting.

The man who stole the dog had the audacity to claim it was his own dog, but the pup ended up back in the rightful owners arms and the thieves quickly drove away.

The family is now warning others to keep their eyes peeled, as there are suspicions that the couple may be stealing and selling the dogs. Although a lisence plate was not recorded, it was noted that the thieves drove away in a Grey Honda Accord, possibly a 2006 model. The dog thieves are described as an older couple, possibly in their 60s. So glad this family got their baby back safely, but the next victims may not be so lucky! Share the info where you can, hopefully these people get caught quickly!



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