The Emoji Keyboard Just Came Out With Some New Emojis and They’re So Much Fun

If you don’t have the Emoji Keyboard on your phone for texting, you should get it. (Google play store & the App Store both have it available for free download) It makes texting so much fun. I feel like pictures say so much more sometimes than words, anyway. Over 60 new Emojis were added in 2017. Here are some of my favorites:

photo from idownloadblog

The crazy emoji – obvious reasons, aka mom life makes me nuts.

The puking emoji – this one was just needed, its been a long time since I could express how grossed out I am at certain situations, again, mom life.

Superstar, zombie, fantasy characters, hot bearded dad, T-Rex with small hands (haha), and of course, Mind=Blown. Just so fitting in so many conversations. I LOVE how they have added a breastfeeding mother, this is one of my favorites by far. Yoga dude (or lady) and to add some diversity, a lady with a Hijab on! Perfect. I will be sending that one to my friend who wears a scarf in different colors probably a couple of times a week because it’s cute and I enjoy texting her for no good reason.

They also finally added different family structures (not just the traditional mother/father and two kids) – now they have two moms with kids, two dads with kids, and now they even have single mom and single dad with child(ren)!! LOVE the diversity!

Photo from elitedaily

I’ve saved the best for last. This one will definitely be in the recently used Emojis constantly. No explanation needed.

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Save some time typing, and have fun with it! Show us your new favorite!



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  1. Which emoji keyboard iS tye swearing angry face from? There are multiPle available in the app store, and I really need that one lol.

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