Kylie Jenner’s Video to Her New Baby Girl is the Cutest Mom Video I’ve Ever Seen. Watch it Here

Whether you actively follow the Kardashians (or Jenners) or not, you probably hear things about the family here and there anyway. I am not an avid Kardashian watcher, but I of course heard about Kylie’s suspected secret pregnancy on the radio, etc. She welcomed a baby girl on February 1 and this video was released shortly after – a video made for her little girl by her mom, family and friends. It is beautiful, even if you don’t care much for this family. (some people really do not.)

The video starts off with the birth of Kylie herself, the clip showing her own mother, very emotional, and excitement and awe once she was born. There are clips shown throughout of the Kylie and her boyfriend’s love, time together, time with eachother’s families, and super cute pregnancy moments (including eating for two!), Kim’s new baby, and friends of Kylie’s as commentators. One friend’s quote got me right in the feels, “…there was on thing that your mom knew for sure, and that was you.” – pregnancy can be a confusing time, very emotional in all kinds of ways, and I feel like I can relate to this, a lot.

Another friend said about finding out about the pregnancy – “This is a baby.” LOL. Yes, pregnancy means there is a baby in the belly. Haha, still cute comments all around though.

When Kylie’s mom was asked if she had anything to tell the baby, she said “you’ve got the best mom and you’re so lucky, this is such a blessing…”

The whole thing is just adorable af. Here is the full video clip, enjoy!




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