This Bullying Ad By Burger King is Something We All Need to See

Burger King is bringing attention to bullying, and what we as a society choose to do about it. In this viral video shown on YouTube, a group of kids are boastfully bullying one child, in the middle of Burger King, where other customers can clearly see and hear.

Comically, in the back, there is an employee who is also bullying – a Whopper Jr.

95% of customers complained about the Whopper Jr being bullied, but only 12% stuck up for the child being bullied in front of their eyes.

“The ideal world is where if somebody else sees something weird happening that they will come over and be like hey, this is not OK!”

“To feel defenseless, that’s one of the worst things in the world”

“Chelsea came, and she would just tell them that that’s not OK.” “Because it’s not.” – simple as that.

They ended the ad with “No Junior deserves to be bullied.” – nothing could be further from the truth. Good on Burger King for putting together an ad like this to raise awareness. We can only grow if we are learning 🙂

We have a wonderful school system here that is has workshops to help with bullying, days designated to awareness, they teach the kids how to deal with bullies, but it is still so important to teach our kids at home, to stick up for others when they see something that is NOT OK. Teachers and adults cannot be present every minute, which is why this is so important.

Everyone have experiences where they have the ability to choose how they react (or don’t) in a situation. What is right is not always easy, but it’s always right. I hope my girls carry that moral fiber and always stick up for others, and I pray that if they are every being bullied, someone steps up for them too.

The more we are aware, the more we can do to stop this kind of behavior. Hoping that all children will be surrounded by friends who are not scared to stick up for them, and that they take any opportunity they can to stick up for their own friends, and strangers too!

-Edmonton Mama



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  1. I’m in marketing and this is right on point. Kudos to Bk.

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