Teacher’s Experiment Showing Students the Importance of Hand Washing – Gross but Cool

A North Carolina Teacher conducted an experiment with her students in her classroom to show the importance of hand washing, and how germs spread. This is genius. She took three pieces of bread, and three sandwich bags. In one, she put a piece of bread into the bag while wearing gloves. (Controlled). In another, she washed her hands and placed the bread inside. In the third bag, she placed a piece of bread inside after letting every student in the class touch it. The results were kind of gross but actually really cool. See her Facebook post with Details:

As we approach the winter months (Cold and Flu season!), it is more important than ever to remind our little ones to wash up more often! Maybe even show them this – my kids thought it was awesome! Wishing everyone and their families a healthy Winter season,

-Edmonton Mama


Photo: from Donna Gill Allen’s public Facebook post



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