#MomHack: Scan Your Pampers Rewards Codes with the New Pampers Rewards App

Collecting Pampers Rewards just got easier with the new Pampers Rewards App!

There was a time, a few years ago – when we had one kid in Easy Ups and one kid in diapers, that we would gather up quite the stack of Pampers Rewards codes, to put into the computer. For months, I would stash the codes away – because if you’ve got kids, especially two small ones, you know how difficult it is to find even an extra few minutes to login and enter the codes.

Now, six years later, and still buying diapers, this time for baby number three – we’re going to be in the thick of it for the next couple of years. This time though, there’s something that makes the process of entering those Pampers Rewards Codes much easier – the all new Pampers Rewards App and it’s a total #Momhack because you can scan the codes, right from your smart phone!

Try the new Pampers Rewards App

I don’t know about you, but time is one of our most valuable currencies. Families, us included, are constantly on the go. There are children’s activities, there are events, work and playtime. If you can save just a few moments using a mom hack, it’s worth it. We love the fact that Pampers has made it even easier to collect points, and manage the rewards from buying diapers – it makes buying diapers just a little more fun when you’re saving up for a special something, and now it’s easier than ever to save up!

Turn Those Diapers into Pampers Rewards

Speaking of rewards, you’ll find those classic rewards from Shutterfly, and diaper coupons but browsing through the Rewards catalogue, I noticed that we could redeem rewards for a Highlights magazine. With the refreshed and easy to use app for Pampers Rewards, there are more great rewards to choose from. Rewards for you, rewards for the budget and rewards for baby – a great combination!

When it comes to rewards programs, there are spenders and there are savers. I’m a saver. Though I’m tempted with rewards like five bucks off Pampers diapers for 700 rewards points, I’m more likely to hold out for something from the cool selection of toys; like the ones I wouldn’t usually splurge for at the local baby boutique.

Tip: To kick start your rewards, download the app here and get a bonus reward of 100 points when you download the Pampers Rewards App, and sign up for a new account. You’ll also get a bonus 50 points for your first scan.  

Download the Pampers Rewards App

Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Pampers, all opinions are our own.  



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