Loblaw is Giving Away $25 Gift Cards For the Bread Price Fix – Find out How to Get Yours Here

Photo from iphoneincanada.ca

Loblaws is allowing people to register on their website for the $25 gift card as promised to their customers – you can apply for yours at loblawcard.ca

Even though bread costs less now than it did 5 years ago, Loblaw is offering the gift card as an apology for the industry wide bread price-fix they were a part of as an apology. They are apparently now immune in the ongoing investigation into the matter.

Although bread is usually sold at a loss to get shoppers to come to their stores, the gift cards will most likely get customers in the door who will spend more than the face value. You of course can not buy tobacco or alcohol with it, but it has little other restrictions.

When you sign up, it asks you to click a box agreeing to release Loblaws of certain responsibilities pertaining to the bread monopoly, but Loblaws insists that that does not waive customers’ rights to become a part of a class action lawsuit that there have been talks about.

Honeslty, I didn’t even realize there was a rise in price on bread. I wish it was a meat monopoly of some sort, those prices are the ones I notice are high! But $25 is $25. Cheers.



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