Know a Child Who Loves to Read? This Might Be The Perfect Gift for Them

Personalized children’s books, you can’t go wrong with books on best seller lists! Custom to your child’s likes, loves and interests. This is the gift I am ordering for my niece, she loves books, and I think something made just for her is going to be cherished by her little heart for a long time. I am all about unique and custom gifts this year, they mean so much more! Some companies come up with classic ideas, and I think this is really one of them. Here is some info, incase anyone else would like to take a look.

Watch a video on the magic of their best selling, personalized children’s books here:

Several titles available to personalize, including The Christmas Snowflake, a special holiday edition.

Info from the Wonderbly Website:

“Using personalization to spark wonder

There is nothing more magical than a child’s imagination. It is limitless, glorious, and incredibly precious. Make a child a paper crown, and they’ll believe they’re royalty. Give a child a cardboard box and, well, anything’s possible. Racing driver? Check. Astronaut? Roger.

This powerful idea lies behind every personalized book we invent. Wonderbly stories spark both imagination and self-belief. And any grown-up in the whole world can create one, to show a child that the most amazing stories are the ones that belong to them. It’s in a child’s imagination where their earliest adventuring takes place. Which is why children’s stories are so important. It’s our job (all of us) to help them believe that anything they imagine, they could one day do. That any story they imagine could be their story.

Together we can make every child feel this way. And a few more grown-ups too.”

Take a look at all books available for customization & purchase, HERE.



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