DIY projects can be intimidating, but this one was so EASY, and took less than an afternoon!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Painter’s Mate Green® painter’s tape for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I am by no means an experienced DIY mom, but I must say, I am impressed with how this project turned out. DIY projects are usually overwhelming just to think about, but this one was so simple. I decided to give the cabinet counter top in my home salon a new look.

First, I gathered the materials I needed:

Painter’s Mate Double Sided Poly Hanging Tape

Painter’s Mate Green Painters Tape

-A Plastic Drop Cloth

-A Bottle of Spray Chalk Paint 

Then, I gave my kids something distracting to do so I could hope for a few minutes to myself. (This was one of the most important steps of the project). I used the double-sided tape to hold up the drop cloth onto the mirror hanging directly behind the cabinet, as well as part of the wall – it stayed exactly where it was supposed to, so my paint would do the same. This took less than 5 minutes. I then taped off the edges and underneath so my paint lines would be nice and clean. This took about 2 more minutes. 

Next, time to paint. I used a spray style paint and made sure to get all the sides, grooves and edges of the counter top. I used a piece of cardboard where I was spraying incase there was additional overspray. This step took about 5 minutes, only because I had to stop to listen to my son’s concerns that his sister was “breathing too loud” in the next room.

I left it to dry for about 3 hours, and simply peeled the tape off the edges – perfection! The tape surprisingly didn’t leave any residue on the mirror, and the drop sheet and double-sided tape peeled clean off, I told my husband I could do it myself! See, Daniel? Your wife is amazing. 

So now my countertop has a fresh, new look, and it took less than an afternoon from start to finish.

Where to buy the Painter’s Mate Green Painter’s Tape I used for this project:

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