We Can’t Stress This Point Enough – Mamas, Take Time For Yourself, You Deserve it!

We’ve all been there… reminiscing when we had friends, free time and interesting hobbies keeping us oh-so busy. Just then, your though bubble deflates when one of your children grabs onto your leg shouting “Mommy, Mommy, Mommy… she’s looking at me!

Imagine there was an easy way to carve out some alone time for yourself– a time to rekindle your individuality and recharge yourself so you can be a better you! It’s totally possible and actually quite simple to do. It involves creating boundaries around your time, engaging in activities that are in your best interest (and not necessarily your kid’s), and not feeling guilty about wanting to run and hide. Often we set aside our own life because we think that’s what good parents do. Wrong! The truth is that it’s better for everyone when, occasionally, you do you.

Give yourself permission to change gears and relax for a few moments a day, or a few hours a week. Enjoy your fave latte, get a pedicure, watch your favourite flick, take a yoga class. These simple changes will help you gain a renewed perspective.

So, the next time you are challenged with the question of whether or not to take your much deserved ‘Me Time’… DO IT! You’ve earned it!



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