Attention Movie & TV lovers – You Won’t Know How You Ever Lived Without One of These

I think these boxes were out and available for quite some time before I came across them. Now, I can’t live without one. If you are a budgeting mom, you need to look into these. Cut the costs of your cable, movie purchases, etc. These are perfectly legal streaming devices that allow you to watch ANY TV show you can think of, from any time period. They update themselves so whatever has been released onto TV will be available to watch on the box as well.

They work by streaming, using your internet connection. Movies are available to watch the SAME DAY they are released to the movie theatres. Confession: I like to go to the movie theatre, buy popcorn from the concession, and bring it home to eat while I watch movies at home! Yum.

If you find a properly programmed box, you can also watch live sports! Hello Oilers!

Picture: Mishi’s Corner website

Tips on purchasing:

Make SURE you are buying from a business. I have seen SO many people who purchase one off of kijiji, and get completely screwed over. The seller stops answering calls/messages and doesn’t provide after purchase service, or have any sort of accountability for the quality/functionality of what they are selling. Worse, people are purchasing online because they find cheaper prices than local businesses, and they come with NO programming at all (which is the main component of the box, which you need to access anything…) – and most of the time the lower prices mean they are completely out dated boxes that won’t take newer programming anyway.

Operating system is important, this will tell you how long of a life your box will have before needing replacement. 6.0 and 7.1 O/S are the most current, released in 2017.

Programming is the most important feature on the boxes. Be sure that whatever you are purchasing has the newest Kodi available, fully programmed with all needed add ons, so it’s ready to go upon purchase. Programming them yourself is not easy.

Highly recommended is Mishi’s Corner Android boxes, they come programmed with the latest software available, legitimate business with 5+ years experience with Androids, offers after sale support, reprograms for a great price when they need updating (every year or so), and has the best prices in the city for this quality of boxes. Only sells the higher end box brands, which retail for nearly double the price elsewhere.

The boxes pay for themselves easily within a month or less, if you look at how much you are currently spending on cable. The boxes do not come with play lists, nor can you channel flip, but you can find anything using the search. Such a great Christmas gift idea, too – especially for the hard to buy ones on the list! *dad, grandpa, best friend, older kids* – because everyone loves watching movies and tv!

See our FB page to enter our give-away in partnership with Mishi’s Corner for the newest Android Box on the market!


Side note: If you have an older Android box or one purchased elsewhere, contact Mishi’s Corner to arrange to have it reprogrammed for only $20!



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