The Ultimate 2017 Gift Guide for Kids – Great Deals on Presents They Will Love

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Kids now a days have SO MANY toys. I have heard so many times that we should try to give experiences instead of gifts. Although I think that experiences are so much more valuable for children than things, when it comes down to it, all children want to open something on Christmas. Instead of overloading the kids with whatever I see that looks like a great idea, or try to fill every single item on their Christmas list, I look for quality gifts that I know they will actually play with and enjoy, get a laugh from, learn something from, or spend quality time with their siblings while playing with – and just get a couple. I am also a budget-loving lady, so costs play a factor as well. After much shopping around and researching, reading reviews, and paying attention to what children love to do and play with, I came up with this awesome list of great ideas for gifts! Fast shipping – lots of time to order before Christmas, and you don’t even have to leave your house. Here goes!

Side note: You can sign up for a FREE 30 day trial of Amazon Prime, most items are delivered within just a couple of days, and most have free shipping with Prime. Sign yourself up for it HERE (no better time that right now, when Christmas gifts are need on time or early!)

Hot Wheels 50-pack – around $50 – that’s only $1 per car. Amazing deal, and lots of variety, lots to play with! Get it HERE.


Fingerlings. We all knew this one would come up. This link HERE is to the authentic Fingerlings, but they are of course, double retail price because of the demand for them. This is better than the triple retail price that people are privately asking right now, however – if you want the authentic ones for your child for Christmas, this is your chance, unless you are willing to check back in the stores daily. The other alternative is to purchase from someone local, asking for a reasonable amount, for the no-name brand ones. They look more or less the same, and function the same. Just keep a budget in mind, and stick to it when searching for the MUST-HAVES around Christmas!


Little Tikes Princess Horse and Carriage – this is so precious. Your little girl is already a princess, but let her show it! Handle goes both ways, so they can “steer” or you can pull them like a wagon. Door opens and closes, among other features. Fun and functional. Find more info or order HERE.


Diary of a Wimpy Kid #12 – (my kids LOVE this series) New release – one of the top sellers of the season for books, find it for around $10 HERE


L.O.L Suprise – there is an entire collection, lots of fun for the kids, and they make awesome stocking stuffers!


Doctor Seuss’s Beginner Book Collection – found it for only $32.99. Classics, and great starter books. Get them HERE.


Luna Petunia toys – play sets and dolls, as seen on the Netflix series Luna Petunia. Great for imaginative play with the kids’ favorite characters!


Transforming Bat Cave Toy by Fisher-Price. This is so cool, I kind of want one. Right now, it’s also 30% off, so… shut up and take my money. Get it HERE before the price goes back up!


Baby Alive dolls are always a big hit. They not only allow the children to role play and practice compassion, play pretend and use imaginative play, but these ones eat actual solids, and need their diaper changed (give them a taste of their own medicine, haha! Just kidding) but these features are really cool, kids love them. This is actually the doll I got for my nephew this year. Doll are not just for girls! Find the boy style HERE.


Sphero Mini – This is a robotic ball that kids can control using the app with it. Not only does it move around however they move their finger on the screen (or use the arrows), but you can also use facial expressions to move it around! Super fun interactive toy. It lights up and is rechargeable when the battery dies. See more info HERE.


Classic Lego – always a hit, for ages 4+. This one is 790 pieces and is on sale for $51. So many things can be done with Lego, and there is enough pieces that everyone can share. Get this deal HERE.


GeoSafari Jr. Talking Microscope – this is fun AND educational. Two eye pieces so kids don’t have to close one eye to look inside. Speaks over 100 facts, quality slide images, and the voice of Bindi Irwin. Really cool gift, can’t wait for my oldest to open this one up! Find more info/order HERE.


Hockey fan + something cool = THIS – $15-$17, depending if you have an Amazon Prime account or not!


This cute little thing is called a Worry Eater. You write down your worries, unzip the mouth, and he eats your worries away! Great for little ones with anxiety. (they should make an adult version!) Several styles available, they start at just $19.99. Browse the selection HERE.


NERF GUNS! There are so many different kinds out there – this one is the highest rated, top pick we could find – AND – more than 50% off right now. Get it HERE.

Num Noms Nail Polish Making kit – so much fun! Save 10% if you are an Amazon Prime member 😉


CLOTHES – I know a lot of kids want toys, but there are some kids who just LOVE clothes. We really love LIMEAPPLE for girls/tweens – and they always have great sales going on! Check out their 12 days of Christmas going on right now Hon their website, HERE.


Fur Real Poopin Pup – feed him and he poops! The kids think this is hilarious! Get it HERE.


American Girl dolls – now you can customize and create your own to match the child you are getting the doll for. They also have award-winning boy dolls! Still time to order before Christmas. Unique and custom gift like no other. See their full selection of dolls and accessories HERE.



Don’t miss out on Indigo/Chapters deals of the week, great gift ideas at great prices, HERE

Books are one of the most amazing gifts you can give to children. They can picture the story however they want in their heads, feel all sorts of emotions, connect to characters, laugh, feel suspense, and learn something about themselves. So pick great books! Indigo/Chapters is an awesome place to look for books, you can search by category, age or popularity. They are great with fast shipping too. Search for great deals HERE.


Wishing everyone a Happy Holiday Season full of love!

-Edmonton Mama



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