20+ Elf On The Shelf ideas! It’s Almost Time to Break These Guys Out!

The Elf on the Shelf is such a fun family tradition. We just started it last year, after much procrastination, because to be honest, it is tiring for mom to think of new things to do with these elves every single day! But honestly, it is so worth it. The kids think its so much fun, and it really is when you are the one setting it up and waiting to see their reactions. The idea behind it is that the elf is supposed to be in your house causing trouble from December 1-24, watching the household and reporting back to Santa. The kids cannot touch the elf or it “loses it’s magic” – it also needs to be given a name!

If you are stuck on ideas, there is actually an open Facebook group for posting and getting new ideas for what to do with your Elf that I came across last year – and glad that I did – because trust me, you WILL run out of good ideas after a few days and this thing goes on for almost a month. The one I like can be found HERE – it is full of great ideas and you can post your own photos on there yourself. There is also the generic page, but has a lot of ads and articles, not just ideas.

I like to have one day where the elf draws on something, one day where he gets into the snacks, one day where he has a marshmallow bath, one day he is hanging from the ceiling somehow… then I get kind of stuck. Here are 20 great ideas you can make your own at home to get you started on the fun that your kids will love and so will you, good luck!


Don’t forget, the most important part – have FUN with your Elf! Parents and kids – Merry Christmas!





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