Making Mornings Magical with Unicorn Toast

This week is all about unicorns and magic, creating bright and rainbow things to eat and drink – after all, we’re celebrating the release of the Unicorn Frappuccino at Starbucks. Turns out, it was the perfect week to cross something off of my ‘to make’ with the kids list: unicorn bagels.

They’re like regular bagels, with a little magic and a speck of gel coloring. It’s fun isn’t it? Creating a bit of magic in the morning for the kids? Using bagels or toast, cream cheese a tiny speck of gel coloring, you can create a bit of magic that’s going to delight them – kind of perfect for back to school coming up.

How do you make unicorn bagels?

  1. Separate your cream cheese into two, three small dishes, if you’re feeling extra fancy
  2. Get out that magical gel coloring, and mix a couple of specs into the cream cheese – it doesn’t take much to create a magical plethora of color atop a bagel
  3. Spread, start with one color, on one half
  4. Don’t switch knives between spreading the colors, the melding of the color makes it extra unicorn-like
  5. Sprinkle with a tiny, tiny pinch of sprinkles, if you’re feeling generous
  6. If you’re feeling extra fabulous, you could swap those for edible glitter, edible confetti

There you have it – six steps to making something completely ridiculous, completely unnecessary and completely fun and magical – because on some mornings, you’ve just got to create your own magic.

How do you make school mornings a little better?



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