Jennifer Garner’s Instagram Selfie after a YES DAY is Me Every Morning

This selfie Jennifer Garner took this week is how I feel pretty much daily. So is her emphasis on the need for coffee. But her reason behind her super-tired looking post on her Instagram account is actually super cute, and definitely very brave. “You’ll never need coffee more than the day after “Yes Day!”” she writes.

The idea of a Yes Day with her kids is based on a children’s book called “Yes Day” by Amy Krouse Rosenthall  in which the parents say Yes to every one of their children’s requests, no matter how silly it may be! This includes their choice of breakfast, if they want to have a food fight, staying up late, and in Jennifer Garner’s case – sleeping over night in the backyard in a tent!

The book is definitely adorable, but I am not sure I would survive a Yes Day in my house. Kudos to Jennifer Garner, this is her FIFTH annual Yes Day. I can definitely relate to the exhausted Mama in the morning, as most of us can, and I imagine after a day like this, it would be so much more intense – for now, I think I will just read my little ones the book. Would you ever try a day like this with your kids?



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