The Ultimate Kid-Friendly Dinner ‘The Feast’

Kid-Friendly Charcuterie, the Easiest Summertime Dinner, Ever.

Or as mine call it, “Feast dinner”

This is seriously the simplest dinner to throw together! It’s great for using up leftovers, or the end of your bag of snap peas. I love not having to turn the oven on when the summer weather hits, and my kids go wild every single time I make one of these boards.

Here are some ideas for your very own kid-friendly charcuterie board

Cheese: Go simple. Not too many kids will dig a gorgonzola, or a hard, ripened goat cheese. Think cheddar, havarti, mozzarella, or gouda. Boursin Herbs and Garlic is always a hit in my house, too. Pick two, three max. Try to cut them differently from one another, sliced havarti, and cubed cheddar, for example. I don’t know what it is about kids and liking foods cut into different shapes, but they are often much more likely to try things if they look neat.

Protein: We don’t eat meat, so I’ve gotten very creative in this department. Oven roasted BBQ chickpeas, baked tofu cubes or strips, and hard-boiled eggs are favourites around here, and are a great addition to your board, even if your family does eat meat. Pancetta or prosciutto, deli meats, and honey garlic pepperoni usually get a kid’s thumbs up, if you’ve got to have the real thing.

Spreads/Dips: The options here are endless! I usually do a combination of a nut or seed butter, ranch dressing, hummus, pesto, baba ganoush, jam/jelly, raw honey, or yellow mustard in tiny bowls or jars, with little spoons for scooping/spreading. This one is fun, think outside the box, you can even do ketchup if you’ve got a little one who is ketchup obsessed.


Bread/Crackers: Literally anything you know they like. Favourites here are Goldfish crackers, Stoned Wheat Thins, Pretzel Crisps, and a fresh baguette, cut into rounds.

Fruit/Veg: Again, whatever you have in the fridge is perfect. Try cutting two different colors of bell pepper into little squares and plating them like a checkerboard. Cucumber sticks, if you usually do rounds, broccoli florets, berries of any kind, grapes, apple or pear, sliced really thin. As the farmer’s markets start up for the season, the variety of fresh, local options really seems to know no bounds.

The best tip I can give you, is to put your board on a lazy susan. This way, nobody is reaching over the board and dropping their blueberry into the ranch dressing.


Have fun!



Julie Farrell lives with her two daughters, wife, and dog in a downtown Edmonton condo. She coordinates the Downtown Edmonton Community League’s Urban Kids program and is an advocate for community enhancement and mental health. Julie also blogs about urban family life, sustainability, and minimalism at