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Kylie Jenner’s Video to Her New Baby Girl is the Cutest Mom Video I’ve Ever Seen. Watch it Here

Whether you actively follow the Kardashians (or Jenners) or not, you probably hear things about the family here and there anyway. I am not an avid Kardashian watcher, but I of course heard about Kylie’s suspected secret pregnancy on the radio, etc. She welcomed a baby girl on February 1 and this video was released […]

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Supporting Our Pregnant Loved Ones Through the Dry 9 Program, AGLC

The AGLC is encouraging all Albertans to enjoy their holiday gatherings responsibly, as usual! This year there is an emphais on the Dry 9 movement, which is informing everyone that no amount of alcohol has been proven to be safe for pregnancy, and some who are pregnant or trying to conceive may find it difficult […]

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Get Hot and Uncomfortable at Night? Check Out These Specially Designed Cloud Nine PJs

If you get hot flashes or night sweats (or know someone who does), stop what you are doing right now and check out these PJs. Specially designed to give you a good night’s sleep, despite these issues. If you have anything that hinders you from a solid sleep, you know how amazing it is when something […]

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