School is starting again, which type of mom are you? Just for fun!

There are so many types of moms you meet/see when school starts. Here is a rundown of the most common:

The pajama Mom. You read that right and you know you have seen her. Or you are her. (guilty) – she drops her kids off at school in her PJs. Don’t judge, not everyone is a morning person! She is probably super witty and funny once she has had a coffee and a few child-free minutes to herself. Approach only after school.

The Helicopter Mom. Helicopter mom is fixing her child’s jacket/shoes/hair repeatedly and will stay within feet of the child(ren) until the bell has rung, and they are inside. Don’t confuse helicopter mom with “Mom with small child” – young children need extra assistance and supervision. Grade 6 students, however, should be able to zip up their own jacket and walk the 20 FT from the car to the school without an escort. Helicopter mom absolutely means well and is most likely very sweet. Approach only after children have safely entered the school building and she can focus on something else.

The Always Running Late Mom. Late mom is one of the last to show up to drop off or pick up her kids. She is usually rushed, and yes, she knows she is late. But she always finds a great drop off spot out front, because most of the other parents have already left. Late mom may have trouble keeping a schedule but it is most likely because she has a lot on her plate and is trying to improve where she can. Be kind to Late mom. Approach only if she doesn’t look crazily rushed, remember that a smile could make her day!

The Inappropriate Mom. Inappropriate mom comes in two forms. Form 1: inappropriately dressed Mom – little clothing where there should be clothing in a school/professional setting, usually the chest region. Form 1 inappropriate mom may make teachers or other parents feel uncomfortable. She may be doing it on purpose, she may not. Keep your eyes on her FACE. It is possible she also falls into form two. Form 2: inappropriate joke Mom. Form 2 inappropriate Mom tells untimely, but usually hilarious jokes that are meant for adults ears only. She definitely makes these jokes on purpose. Approach only if you are open minded and are looking to have a laugh. This mom most likely does not have a filter and can offend the sensitive.

The Cliquey Mom. Clique moms usually only acknowledge and converse with other moms of the same ethnic group/social status as themselves. These moms kind of suck, unless you are also in their circle. Their children go to school with yours and this is an unfortunate habit that is hopefully not going to be passed on to the kids, which can leave others left out due to things they have no control over. Approach these moms whenever you can with a positive attitude and a smile, so they know other moms don’t bite!

The Dads. They aren’t moms, but there are, of course, also dads dropping off their little ones at school! This post is about moms though! Just wanted to acknowledge the fathers as well!

The Hot Mom. Hot Mom, I applaud you. Hot mom really has it together. By 8am she is showered, her hair is styled, her make up is contoured and perfect, she is dressed to the nines and looks flawless. Hot mom probably got up a lot earlier than most of the other moms and is blessed with some time to herself somehow in the morning! Pat Hot Mom on the back! Do not approach in the AM if you are PJ mom. You won’t feel good. Haha. Approach any other time – ask her how she does it!

This post was just for fun! No matter what type of mom you are, its fun to get to know the other moms too! Wishing all of our kids a great school year full of fun and success, and hoping they give us moms and easy time!

-Edmonton Mama 🙂



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  1. Hahaha! I am DEFIANTLY the hot mess mom 😀

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