POGO Car Sharing + How it Works in Downtown Edmonton

The kids and I recently gave Edmonton’s car-share program, Pogo, a try. Because we live right in the core, and my partner takes our one car to work every day, we usually use transit, bike, or borrow my mom’s vehicle, but I’d been eager to see how Pogo could work out for us, on occasion.

How does the Edmonton Car Share work?

We signed up for a free membership (and 15 free driving minutes) on a promotion, and in about 3 business days, we received our little key fobs in the mail. The fobs allow you access to the vehicles in a case where you are unable to use the app (phone is dead, whatever), so I haven’t actually made use of ours yet, but the app is totally user friendly. It allows you to see where there are cars around you, navigate to the one you reserve, and unlock the vehicle.

  1. Find a car
  2. Access the Vehicle
  3. Take Your Trip
  4. Park
  5. End Your Trip

Edmonton public parking is included in the cost of your ride, so you can literally park the vehicle in any public street or lot parking within the Pogo zone, and walk away. The cars are mostly small, 4-door hatchbacks, so finding a suitable parking spot isn’t skill-testing or anything, either. I’ve since used the service two or three more times, and I think it’s fair to say that it costs about half of what an Uber ride of the same distance/time would cost.

Parking centrally comes at a premium, and car share programs aren’t the solution on their own, but combined with transit and cycling, they can make ditching that second car a viable option for families in central neighbourhoods.

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Julie Farrell lives with her two daughters, wife, and dog in a downtown Edmonton condo. She coordinates the Downtown Edmonton Community League’s Urban Kids program and is an advocate for community enhancement and mental health. Julie also blogs about urban family life, sustainability, and minimalism at www.fourinthecore.com.