My Children Are More Than Five Years Apart, And I Wouldn’t Have it Any Other Way

Thank God for my older child. Some families have their kids really close together. I can see how that’s ideal. Get the baby stage over and done with. The kids will be in the same age group, which is great for play, similar interests on vacations, movie choices as they grow, less of a gap for when the schools go from elementary to junior high to high school, when parents have to drop off and pick up their kids from different schools.

But this isn’t how it is for everyone. Some people are just too busy with balancing work, need a break, want the one on one, or have problems conceiving. My oldest is now five years old, and my youngest is only four months. I honestly cannot imagine it any other way. She helps with her little brother like a little mother-hen. If we need to change his diaper, she is right there with the wipes and a fresh diaper. Dressing him, she helps pick out his outfit. Bath time? Guess who is there to play with undying energy? And my favorite – when he needs a bottle and I am trying to get something done that I need two hands for, (one of my endless mom-tasks for the day), or just want to enjoy a few sips of a coffee that is actually fresh and hot (very rare occurrence when you have a newborn), it’s so wonderful when she can easily give the baby his bottle with no worries. We like to use the uGrow app to track his bottle feedings, so we know exactly how much he is drinking.

We have the Philips Avent Anti-Colic Bottles, which have the PTPA seal of approval. They’re BPA free, which is something we look for with any products that go into our baby’s mouth. The venting system not only reduces colic and fussing later, but the design of them allows my 5 year old to feed the baby with no issues. The leak-free design is my favorite feature, so if I don’t have a mess of milk to clean up after the feeding. The easy to hold shape is great for my daughter’s little hands, and hopefully soon, will also be easy for my son to hold on his own as well. the nipple shape is designed for a secure latch, which is great since he is still breast fed as well, making the transition smooth. The ribbed texture prevents collapse of the nipple, so he can drink from start to finish of the bottle with no interruptions. The 5 minutes without a baby in my arms gives me that extra time to just enjoy watching my children grow and develop and really just makes my day.

Every family has their own make up, and although our original plan was to have our children close together, sometimes life has another plan than what you had in mind, and what we were given is absolutely perfect for us. My kids are so lucky to have each other, and I am the luckiest mom in the world to have them as my own.

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Disclosure: I am part of the PTPA Brand Ambassador Program with Philips Avent and I received compensation as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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