Mommy’s Secret Pleasures

Many of us will give our food (we are currently eating) to our kids, let them have the rest of our drink (that we just opened), or change the channel to some annoying kids show (thank goodness for PVR or Netflix). But when the kids and hubby are not around, we indulge in our little secrets, the ones we save just for ourselves, our guilty pleasures.

Personally, I hide my favourite chocolate in the triscuit box so my hubby and kids don’t get to it first. And if my husband reads this, the stash spot will move, because that’s my chocolate, and I don’t want to share.

When my Husband is out of town and the kids are in bed, I binge watch Teen Mom, so I can feel better about my parenting style and life choices.

Trolling through MOM sites on the internet to see if anyone asks the awkward questions we all are too shy/scared to ask.

Occasionally, I buy a bottle of wine (with no intent on sharing) to over indulge on while doing jigsaw puzzles.

I plan on days to wash my hair for when I’m alone so I can actually let the shampoo and deep conditioner sit and take my time to do something with it. (I use MONAT)

After I drop my kids off at school, I hit Tim’s to reward myself on another successful morning, with a coffee, that I enjoy while either checking Facebook or Crushing Candy, when I get home.

My best friend and I talk on the phone, uninterrupted, most days. (When we both have a moment, as we each work from home.)

Almost forgot, my secret love for 80’s and 90’s music, LOUD so I can mess up the words while I belt out my own lyrics to the songs, when I occasionally drive alone in my car, LOL

Don’t get me wrong, these are my things I like to do for me, but if I am needed by anyone at anytime, I am there. (Mom life). We all deserve a few indulgences now and then, what are yours?

Kim Ashton

Kim Ashton

Kim is a mother of two school aged children, one girl and one boy. She works from home as a hair stylist. She always puts her children first, but really enjoys a night out with the hubby too.
Kim Ashton
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