Harry Potter Mania has hit Edmonton – is anyone else as excited as I am?? Here is the inside scoop on what’s coming:

Harry Potter events keep popping up all over Edmonton! Die hard fans are in their glory right now! Don’t miss the local events themed around our favorite wizard going on here in the city this fall!

September 16: Harry Potter Pop Up Shop

Details: “Harry Potter Pop Up Shop! All ages. Families welcome. Cosplay welcome! Join us Saturday Sept 16 2017 for an amazing day! Get sorted by a Hogwarts alumni, then enter the shop and find a variety of characters and magical things including limited edition The Violet Chocolate Company Butterbeer chocolate bars! Highlands YOGA room has themed yoga for the day. La Boeme has a full Harry potter dinner menu plus alcoholic Butterbeer. Connorvanders fine wands and potions will be ready to find the perfect wand for you too! Mandolin books will have magical drinks and PUMPKIN PASTIES and Beabella candy store will be stocked with magical goodness. Watch out for dementors in highlands… Be at the ready.” Find the events page with more info here

October 13: Festival of Witchcraft and Wizardry (FREE event for all ages!)

Details: “Come Friday the 13th, follow the Spiders to the Princess Theatre and Wilbert McIntyre Park (AKA Gazebo Park) and Edmonton Streetcar for an evening of all things magical! Dress as your favourite character from the books and movies, or just put on the colours of your favourite house! Take a ride on the Hogwarts Express with the giant groundskeeper, take in a film or two, and most of all be sure to take a drink of sweet, cold Butter Beer, or if you prefer, hot, spicy Pumpkin Juice! Cheer for your local Quidditch team, and watch a potions demonstration while you munch on local food truck fare so hearty and English you could have picked it up at Hogsmeade! Have your picture taken with Dumbledore in his office, then head to Diagon Alley to shop for a new wand or school robe at our market of local vendors selling licensed wares and handmade magical products and fan gear.

All ages welcome. Note the films are both rated PG for scary scenes. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult on the Hogwarts Express train. All passengers must have pass to ride.” – See the events page for more info here

Book a Harry Potter themed kids birthday Party at MudPie Parties – very detailed theme, so much fun for the kids (and the adults!)dobby

Watch for YEG date night/Social Hour YEG events, they recently had a Harry Potter Trivia night, hoping they do something Harry Potter themed again soon!

All of these events are cosplay friendly! Get your Hogwarts robes, ties, scarves, backpacks, etc. locally at Mishi’s Corner!Harry potter robes

Let us know if any other local Harry Potter events pop up over the fall! Have fun, register early, and happy spell casting to you all!

Featured Image credit to Harry Potter and Me, the Facebook Page




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