Baby Gear – Six Must Haves During the First Six Months

4Moms rockaRoo
Skip the Mamaroo. Every single one of the friends in our group that purchased it, didn’t end up using it for very long. Skip it, and go for the Rockaroo instead. The variable rocking speeds, easy-to-turn-off-with-your-foot button and cover that zips right off for washing for those poo-explosions has us stashing this one away for the next time around. Now, at six months though, we’re using this less and less, it’s more of an early months life-saver.

DockaTot Deluxe
We’ve got a bassinet, but Stella has admitted slept in it overnight a total of four times. She’s either slept in the Dockatot, or in our bed, or in the Dockatot, in our bed. We dragged this thing from downstairs to upstairs, and it’s been one of those things that I credit with getting those four-hour stretches from the time she was born. She’s high maintenance, like Olivia was, and yet, I can’t think of more than a handful of nights where I was up for what felt like every single hour. 

Lulujo Swaddles
We’ve got Aden and Anais swaddles from when Violet was born, and a couple of new sets I grabbed from the Honest Company limited edition, but they don’t compare to the  Lulujo when it comes to getting soft after washing. Each time we wash these blankets they get softer and softer, better and better. Absorbant for drool, snot and everything else. You’ll notice the difference the first time you wash the lulujo blankets. Bonus points for the mod black and white prints.

Tea Collection Footies
As a mom, you want clothes that are going to be durable, wash well – and look great even after you’ve washed them a bunch of times. Though tea collection clothes aren’t the least expensive option when it comes to infant options, they are my favourite because they’re quality material, have adorable patterns and are cut nicely, and they wash incredibly. I would rather have fewer of these, than other less expensive brands that fade and thin.

BECO Gemini Carrier 
From a trip to Europe, at four months old, to the carrier we use around the house and trips to Costco where the infant seat takes up too much room in the cart, the BECO Gemeni carrier is our go-to. I’ve tossed it in the washer, I’ve used it in all types of weather and the kids have trampled on it in the car. I like how there’s a pocket, how you can use it from birth without an infant insert and how it’s comfortable – and swaps easily between Jamie and I.

Nooks Design Booties
I’ve got a confession to make – our kids, as I do, hate wearing socks. There are very few times that I enforce the sock wearing unless they’re going to school, and with Stella it’s the same. She’s usually wearing footed pajamas anyway. When she’s not though, my go to is booties that are just like socks, but aren’t as easy to lose. Nooks Design booties are a fantastic alternative, warm and created from materials like vintage wool, leather and suede, available in gorgeous, handmade designs, and worth the splurge. We’ve had two pairs in each size, and just stashed away our first sets in the ‘to keep’ baby bin.



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