Author: Kim Ashton

Kim is a mother of two school aged children, one girl and one boy. She works from home as a hair stylist. She always puts her children first, but really enjoys a night out with the hubby too.

How I Get my Picky Eaters To At Least Try New Things 

Most kids are picky or particular about what you are asking them to eat, especially if it looks “weird” or smells different. In other words, they rarely eat everything that is put on their plate, and don’t want to eat any kind of variety, AKA the kind of food adults would enjoy. This makes meal planning more […]

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Mommy’s Secret Pleasures

Many of us will give our food (we are currently eating) to our kids, let them have the rest of our drink (that we just opened), or change the channel to some annoying kids show (thank goodness for PVR or Netflix). But when the kids and hubby are not around, we indulge in our little […]

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Our Experience with our Kids’ “First” Pets

So, I guess I should start with the fact that our family already has a small breed dog and a fish tank with some aquatic frogs.  But, to my little guy, these were family pets, and has been pleading for his “own” pet for almost 2 years (he turned 6 a few months ago). With […]

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