Author: April

April is the Mom to Many. She has been a foster parent for over 16 years and has parented 40+ children. Her Mom journey has had many super highs, just as many super lows but a whole lotta fun and a whole lotta learning. She has a slight obsession with Starbucks, rainbows and the occasional unicorn. You can find her blogging at This Moms Got Something to Say, that is when she's not grocery shopping or doing laundry for her massive crew

Parenting: How to Deal When You’ve Overreacted and Over-punished

Your kids are running around acting like maniacs and just won’t listen. You’re at the end of your rope and in frustration you yell out, “you just lost your ipad for 2 weeks”. They start wailing louder and stomp away, and then it hits you. What have you just done? You just handed out a […]

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Getting Through Puberty – The Terrible Twos Have Nothing on the Teenage Years

Puberty. What is that about anyways and why in the world does it need to happen while the kids are still living at home with their Mothers? That is the question that I have for the universe today. Why? My days are already full enough before the eye rolling and hormones entered my world. Crying […]

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