5 Kids Books You’ve Got to Add to Your Bedtime Story Rotation Right Now

“How many books tonight Mama?”

It’s one of those questions that my boys ask me every night at bedtime but I am never consistent with my actions.

Three books turn into four, then five, then six and next thing you know I have been reading stories for an hour.

My boys love books and I know it won’t be long until they start reading to me, each other or by themselves at bedtime. Hence, my inconsistency as to how many books we read at bedtime.

Currently, my boys have a few favorite books on rotation during bedtime.

The Cookie Fiasco –  It’s a really fun and easy read with lessons about sharing and counting. Four Friends. Three Cookies. How are they going to get equal cookies for all?! It’s a fantastic book for early learners and I can definitely see this book getting a lot of use in the future when my boys start learning to read on their own. If you are a fan of Mo Willems books, The Cookie Fiasco is part of his new Elephant and Piggie Series.

The Hug Machine – it’s an adorable book that teaches kindness, acceptance and perseverance. My boys love the pictures and tracing the letters in this book about a little boy who openly embraces anyone and anything even when he is exhausted. What sustains his energy? Pizza!

Where’s my Mummy? – My four year old would ask to read this Jo Brown book every night for about four months straight! It’s a great book to read aloud and learn about the different sounds and characteristics of different animals. It’s a cute and funny book for early learners to enjoy with Mom.

Go! Go! Go! Stop! – a great book that teaches opposites and builds vocabulary in a fun way. It also teaches traffic signals and has great illustrations that are detailed and funny. For instance, my boys love that one of the trucks naps with a blanket. Definitely an enjoyable book for for little ones who love construction, trucks and action.

Mighty, Mighty Construction Site – this book is a great sequel to Goodnight, Goodnight Construction Site which my boys love and we still read. It will engage little ones who love construction sites and learning about trucks and their functions while at work. Introduces new trucks that is not found in the first book and has lessons on cooperation and teamwork.




















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