4 Ways to Get Food into Your Kids Quick on School Mornings

School mornings at our house are always rushed. Rushing to get kids dressed, cleaned, fed and out the door. Making sure to prepare my preschooler’s snack bag and backpack the night before makes the morning less hectic – one less thing to scramble and search for.

The one thing we struggle with some morning’s is getting breakfast into tummies before heading out the door. Since there is rarely an interest in eating food so early in morning from the boys, I’ve had to seek out simple and quick breakfast options that they could take into the vehicle with them on the way to school if we are short on time.

Here are four simple and quick breakfast options for those busy school mornings:

Pancake Muffins

I prefer to make a batch of these ahead of time. They will stay fresh for a few days – if they last that long away from little hands. Or you can also stash some away and they can be reheated easily in the morning. They make for a great breakfast option to go during those rushed mornings. Tip: I like to add chia and flax seeds into the batter when I make these little muffins. The recipe calls for few ingredients and the toppings are easily customizable. Cheese and blueberry pancake muffins are a favorite topping over here. You can find a bunch of easy pancake muffin recipes on Pinterest to start.

Clif Kid Organic Z Bars

My kids are obsessed with these bars. It gives them that pop of energy needed in the morning. Each bar is high in fibre, containing about a quarter of my four year old’s daily fibre intake – his favorite is the Iced Oatmeal. We like them because they not only taste good to everyone but they contain natural ingredients that are familiar.

Fruit slices & Raspberries

Apple and pear slices in the mornings (skin on) along with a small container of raspberries is a favorite over here. Did you know that a handful of raspberries contains just as much fibre compared to a whole apple? The boys love their fruit and seem to finish faster than I can wash and slice.

Breakfast Smoothie

These are great for a quick breakfast option to go. It can take one minute, as long as you have some fresh or frozen fruit on hand already. Throw in some flax seeds and a bit of spinach into it and you’ve got a fortified smoothie ready to go for the ride to school. We like to take our smoothies on the go in one of our WOW cups, making sure the smoothie is more on the thinner side.



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