Day: December 18, 2017

The Holidays and Sleep – Tips From a Sleep Expert

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year!  It is also one of the most exhausting times too.  There is so much to do, many places to be, and family and friends to visit.  How do we fit in our little one’s need for naps and a good night’s sleep? A well-rested little one […]

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Christmas Time & Family Fun – Check Out These Family Games, Great for Holiday Get Togethers

Family time – make it quality time! I love playing games with my family when we all get together. Some are family friendly, some are just for the adults. Regardless, playing games is just plain fun. Still lots of time to order online (especially if you have Amazon Prime – You can sign up for […]

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Talk About a Holiday Grinch.. Does Anyone Recognize This Parcel Thief?

Security camera footage caught a Christmas thief on camera stealing a parcel just 30 minutes after it was delivered to a local man’s doorstep in the Pleasantview neighbourhood of South Edmonton. The parcel was a gift for the home owner’s mother. Although he did get the item replaced, theft costs us all. Hoping this man […]

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