Month: April 2017

Baby Gear – Six Must Haves During the First Six Months

4Moms rockaRoo Skip the Mamaroo. Every single one of the friends in our group that purchased it, didn’t end up using it for very long. Skip it, and go for the Rockaroo instead. The variable rocking speeds, easy-to-turn-off-with-your-foot button and cover that zips right off for washing for those poo-explosions has us stashing this one […]

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Let’s Stop Competing for the Last Piece of Pie

As women, it feels like we’ve been conditioned to compete with one another. Getting that elusive slice of pie has become all encompassing, whether you’re in a professional space, or a ‘friend’ has a house that’s tidier, an outfit that’s more put together, a travel schedule that’s fuller, a child that behaves better – and the […]

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Want to Be a Minimalist? Here’s How to Start

It Only Takes  a Room Starting with the entire house can be daunting – let’s face it, most people’s homes are filled with crap. Start with one room. Try the smallest room, or the room that you spend the most time in. Our minimalist journey began with our entryway. Each kid had a dozen pair […]

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