The Gems from Our Mothers

“I think I’m becoming mom,” I whisper into the phone to my younger sister. I have to whisper because I am also shoving chocolate into my mouth and I don’t want to share with my children (#adultingwin).

“It’s probably not that bad, what did you do?” My sister is also whispering, I bet she’s eating much better chocolate than I am.

“Big dude told me he wasn’t feeling well, so I told him that he needed to go outside and get some fresh air. And yesterday, I couldn’t go to bed until the kitchen counters were clean. Completely clean.”

The silence is deafening.

“You are definitely turning into mom.” With that she hangs up, likely to eat more chocolate.

Let me back up and explain, my mom is awesome and wonderful and amazing (hey mom – love you) but I’ve been struggling my mid-thirties and hearing my mother’s voice come out of my mouth is not helping my aging freak-outs.

The top five things I’ve said to my dudes lately that are straight from my mother:

  • Fresh air is all you need. I can remember lying in bed with the flu and the first thing my mom would do when she came to check on me was open the window to let the fresh air in. Complain about feeling tired or think you have a cold coming on – the automatic answer “go outside.”
  • Let’s leave a clean house before we go. Growing anytime we travelled my mom would insist on cleaning the house before we left. We would tease her about wanting to impress burglars but now I’m the last one out of the house because I just need to empty the dishwasher before we go.
  • If you opened your eyes as big as your mouth, you’d find what you were looking for. This one actually showed up much later in my youth. We were all teenagers but our frantic shouting for help to find our keys, purse, jacket, homework would result in my mother walking into the room, handing us the lost object and sharing the above phrase. The other day, after listening to big dude wail about a missing toy, I pulled the exact same move.
  • The whole neighbourhood does not need to hear you playing. We were incredibly noisy children and my dudes are just as noisy. The other day as they were playing space-hero-ninja-attack in the backyard, I open the kitchen window and lobbed this gem their way.
  • I just need to lie down for five minutes. My mom use to have a brief five minutes a day when she would lie down and close her eyes. I can’t close my eyes because lord knows what the dudes would get into but about 4:00 p.m. every day I have the overwhelming urge to just lie down for five minutes.

So what are some of the awesome things your parents said to you growing up that you now say to your kids?



Allison is a mom of two energetic boys.Constantly trying to balance life, often caught between the needs of her boys, financial reality and her own desire for a meaningful career, you'll find her leaning on her village in North Edmonton.Her philosophy of more experiences less stuff is constantly challenged by her kids love of all stuff.