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Mommy’s Secret Pleasures

Many of us will give our food (we are currently eating) to our kids, let them have the rest of our drink (that we just opened), or change the channel to some annoying kids show (thank goodness for PVR or Netflix). But when the kids and hubby are not around, we indulge in our little […]

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YES! One More Harry Potter Event Before Halloween – Edmonton & Area Cannot Get Enough This Year!

This year has been a busy one for the Edmonton area with Harry Potter events popping up all over the city. Sherwood Park is squeezing in one more before Halloween, which we think is great! The Strathcona County Art Gallery is hosting some family friendly Halloween events the last weekend of October, including a Harry […]

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It’s A Problem Everywhere, But it is Literally in Our Hands to Change in Our Own Communities

There is a problem in Edmonton. It happens in every neighborhood and at all times of the day. Most of us are guilty of doing it and the reality is that it puts our kids at risk. It needs to stop but it’s so hard to break the habit. Distracted driving. Keep reading. It’s important. […]

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