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Some Days We Allow “Too Much” Screen Time, And That’s OK

We are a technology-friendly house. With two iPads, two smartphones, two laptops, PlayStation, plus television and DVD player, my dudes have a lot of screen-time options. I know the guideline. I recognize the value of those guidelines AND I break those guidelines all the time. Driven by guilt that I wasn’t tracking their screen-time closely […]

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It’s A Problem Everywhere, But it is Literally in Our Hands to Change in Our Own Communities

There is a problem in Edmonton. It happens in every neighborhood and at all times of the day. Most of us are guilty of doing it and the reality is that it puts our kids at risk. It needs to stop but it’s so hard to break the habit. Distracted driving. Keep reading. It’s important. […]

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Ladies – Treat yourself before the Holidays are here and everything is chaos!

It’s the same thing every year, Christmas is an amazing time to give, especially to our family members, because of the surprise and joy they bring. Some of us are even lucky enough to get spoiled back by our loved ones! But, a lot of times, the holidays also come with stress, being rushed, anxiety, […]

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