Mom, When will you Not be Busy, So You Can Play with Me?

Springtime finds me overwhelmed—Over tired, over worked, over stressed! And the weather we’ve been experiencing this year, has complicated everything on our farm. The late spring snow and excess moisture, leaves my husband and I with lots of extra work making sure newborn calves are safe, relatively dry and healthy. It’s been a lot of extra work, to say the least.

While I thought the kids were ok with the busyness of our lives this time of year, I thought wrong. Today as we were driving to a meat delivery for one of my clients, my daughter asked, “Mom, when will you be done being busy?”

I replied, “What do you mean?”

She said, “When will you not be busy, so you can play with me?”


My heart instantly broke into a million pieces. Fighting tears back, I patiently explained to her, that mommy and daddy’s work has been a bit busy this year because of the weather and taking on extra things with the farm. But the more I thought about it, there a lot of things I do in the day that can wait.

I think we can all agree that we are all just a little “too busy.” Our children know that the work we do is not 9-5 during weekdays, and that we do often need to be at work while they’re around. Often they are with us, so I count that as “spending time with them.” But it’s good that the children know that work is important, in my opinion. To me it teaches them a good work ethic.

My to-do list is quite full most days, but I could easily wait on some the tasks to take a few minutes to play with her. As well, I’m guilty of spending quite a bit of time on Social Media. “My time,” I think of it as, but it’s apparent that this time could be cut out most days and spent with her. I think as parents juggling our time is tough. There’s a million things that we are called to do,  and that we want to do. Even if it’s scheduling just a few minutes for her “to play with me,” if that’s what I have to do, that’s what I’ll do. My goal is to be a more mindful parent, stress less about the “stuff” of life, and as they say in Italian, “Vivere la vita semplice” (Live the simple life)


Jill Burkhardt can be found wrangling kids, cows and chickens (not necessarily in that order) with her husband on their family farm southeast of Edmonton. A mom of 3 kids—2 boys and a girl—all with various food allergies, Jill enjoys experimenting in the kitchen to accompany her children’s food allergies. She also enjoys gardening, quilting, sewing, and being outdoors in her spare time. She never thought she would ever be a writer, but finds blogging to be an “outlet” for her and also is a freelance journalist for a Provincial agriculture newspaper.