Magic Scratch and Win – part 2, mystery solved.

So today I had my scheduled appointment for the Magic Scratch and win – when the person from the company called to confirm, they said they were calling from the “contest hotline” even though the caller ID showed up as Simple Water Services. The sales lady that showed up was very nice and answered all of my questions, but there is definitely some shady activity when it comes to their advertising.

Apparently these packages of scratch tickets for advertising purposes come in a case, any company can purchase them and use them, they just have to put their own phone number on the cards. Looking at the Simple Water Services Facebook page, I see they have used a couple of variations of the scratch card in the past.

The breakdown – the cards apparently actually have winners of the bigger prizes shown, but they don’t tell you which prize you’ve won until you have sat through their entire demonstration for their filtration service, and then 999/1000 times, the prize is the hotel gift card, which from previous comments on our Facebook page, aren’t very useful. I asked if winners are announced somewhere to show the legitimacy of the advertising and she said yes, on the Facebook page, but upon looking there, it looks like there were about 3 winners over the lifetime of the company (which they said has been operating 40 years), one was holding an Xbox but there is no info about where they got it from, etc. No one shown to win any of the other prizes, including the apparent $25,000 prize.

The company seems to have good reviews from actual customers, a home filtration system from any company is not cheap, and most people can’t afford this or aren’t that interested, so this is definitely the reason they trick you into coming into your home, to try to sell you something you don’t even want. I am sure the service they offer is just fine, but in my opinion, in the future, maybe have some transparency in your advertising, if you are giving away prizes, post it publically so there is trust in your company, tell people who you are and what you offer so no ones time is wasted, and stop trying to trick/bribe us with extra junk flyers that are just getting thrown out for the most part anyway.

*The sales lady said she will take the feedback back to the owner, so hopefully they spend their advertising dollars in the future on promoting their services, instead of giving false hope to people who believe they won something of value.



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2 thoughts on “Magic Scratch and Win – part 2, mystery solved.

  1. These guys lied through their teeth to get into my home, used extreme high pressure sales combined with talking to me (and my husband) as if we were toddlers, and their previous “Award” costs actual cash to use. Stay far away from them.

  2. It is unfortunate that not all card holders spend the TIME to let us do the presentation to confirm their PRIZE. There is no obligation to buy the product, just see the advertisement and what we have to offer, that’s it then claim a prize. We can only post the pictures of the winners who claimed their prize. Did you have a winning combination? was it the $25,000.00? Did you choose to recycle the ticket instead of spending a little time to learn more about the water you drink? Unfortunately most of the cards we send out do end up in the recycling and prizes are not claimed. We do not hide the chances for each prize they are listed on the BACK of the card.
    I love the product we sell, I love the fact that we try to make you, your family, your home, and our environment HEALTHIER. Who WOULDN’T want that?
    Our product is not the cheapest out there, it’s also not the most expensive, but we do offer the best service and warranty you’ll find.
    I guarantee if you took the time to see what we can show you, you would be in the market to make a change. Even if not with us, do it because you deserve better.

    I’m sorry for anyone who feels pressured to buy, I try not to be that way because the product sells itself. That being said me team members are passionate about our product and the benefits you would receive from it.

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