Five Restaurants Dishing up Delicious Tacos in Edmonton

When it comes to food, it’s an understatement when I say my boys love Mexican food – especially when it comes to eating devouring Tacos. We have Taco Tuesday every week and it still baffles me how my four year old will devour three to four soft tacos every Tuesday night.

This Friday is Cinco de Mayo. For anyone who does not know, it does not represent Mexico’s independence day but commemorates Mexico’s victory during the Battle of Puebla. Cinco de Mayo (May 5th in Spanish) has become more of a celebrated holiday in North America than in Mexico. It is a celebration I have been partaking in well before my kids and I enjoy sharing and incorporating these types of celebrations with my kids now.

Tacos, Tequila, and more Tacos. Well minus the tequila but we can make virgin margaritas to compensate and not have a self induced parent hangover. Those suck, especially with young children. As for Cervezas, Root Beer will suffice.

Cinco De Mayo is nearing and there are so many great restaurants in and around Edmonton that dish up amazing, authentic mexican taco dishes.

If you brave the restaurant scene with your kids, I am sharing five of our favorite restaurants around the city with not only a mouthwatering menu but with delicious food that makes you want to come back for more to try the entire menu.

Check them out to celebrate Cinco De Mayo with or without kids or on a Tuesday for Tacos just because you love Mexican food as much as we do.

La Patrona 

Opened up at the beginning of the year in Sherwood Park. La Patrona is the sister to the food truck Casa12Doce. Dishing up flavorful authentic mexican dishes, you won’t be able to resist coming back to try the rest of the menu and soon. You can even purchase a couple bottles of their hot sauce to bring home for your next taco night.

Huma Mexican Comfort 

Recently voted #1 Latin Restaurant in our locally published Avenue Edmonton Magazine. Huma is a small, family owned mexican restaurant located in Argyll. The portions are big but you won’t be disappointed by the variety of options and dishes. Make sure to order Mariel’s Queso Fresco to try. You’ll like it so much that you can even purchase it to go along with her fresh homemade salsa’s. My advice – call ahead to reserve your table(s).

Tres Carnales 

Year after year, Tres Carnales has been consistent ranking in top three, if not ranked the best Latin Restaurant in Avenue Edmonton. It has even been showcased in ‘You Gotta Eat Here’ – don’t be ashamed if your mouth starts to water. Food is fresh and delicious thanks to their concept of from farm to table. They work closely with local farmers and suppliers like El Mercado (you can purchase their tortillas at a grocer near you). Try their daily features but you won’t be able to resist their fresh made tortilla chips and salsa on the side. Dine in and enjoy the awesome vibe but be prepared for the lineup out the door – service is quick but seats go quickly. You’ll probably be back several times to try the entire menu anyways.

Rostizado by Tres Carnales

Elevating Mexican street food cuisine, rostizado is Spanish for roasted. It’s located in the hip Mercer building, the vibe is pretty laid back and inviting. My recommendations, make reservations to bring a group and order a bunch of items off the menu including the roasted cauliflower and churros. Sample it all, because trust me you will want to try everything and come back for more.

El Cortez 

Their intriguing array of inspirational light displays create a unique vibe along with the temptation of a self induced parent hangover with the vast collection of tequila lined up against the wall. They also have a fantastic menu of modern Latin food. You can’t go wrong with their mini tostadas and of course the tacos.

Checkout their Tequila Cellar in the basement for an after bedtime night out.

Let us know what you think and share a picture of your mouthwatering dishes when you visit.





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