Cool Stuff: Get These $7 Slime Kits from Party City for At-Home Fun

There’s plenty to keep the kids entertained through the summer months out of the house, but what about those things to keep the kids entertained while you’re at home? One of the trendy things to do with the kids is create ‘slime’, but it can be kind of tricky to get the measurements right, get all of the supplies, and create those elusive slime recipes that the kids find online.

Party City has you covered, with the seven dollar slime kits you can find in-store. They’re easy to use, have a variety of options available like mermaid slime, unicorn slime and even glow in the dark slime – and they’re seven bucks. We made the slime kits two weeks ago and the kids stored the slime in Ziploc bags, and they still play with it.

Follow the instructions carefully, one of our slime turned out a little thicker than regular – and we even had leftover ingredients that you could create a second batch with extra white glue you’ve got in the craft bin at home.

You can find the slime kits at your local party city! Find a location at



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