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Minimalism, Imagination Week and Lying to Your Kids

Minimalism is a buzz word that has taken over social media lately. Everyone wants to purge their house and buy less stuff.  Less is more. Unless you are a small child, in which case, every McDonald’s toy you have ever gotten is precious to you and your most favorite toy ever. If you are a […]

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How to (Nicely) Tell People to Stop Gifting Your Kids Junk

Junk (to clarify), I mean disposable toys, that get played with for moments, discarded, tossed aside, to eventually end up in a donate-pile, after you spend two months picking them up. Eighteen months ago we took stock of the things in our home. We took stock of the ‘stuff’ that we’ve accumulated that was doing […]

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Want to Be a Minimalist? Here’s How to Start

It Only Takes  a Room Starting with the entire house can be daunting – let’s face it, most people’s homes are filled with crap. Start with one room. Try the smallest room, or the room that you spend the most time in. Our minimalist journey began with our entryway. Each kid had a dozen pair […]

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