6 Tips That Will Help You Travel Through Europe with a Baby

Don’t Skip the Stroller
We packed light, very light. We had one backpack, granted a large backpack, for the three of the of us. Two adults, one infant. We chose clothes that could be easily worn more than once, were versatile for different weather situations and things that we light and easy to pack. Packing light was one of the reasons that I struggled with bringing a stroller along, but it was one of the things that I’m glad we did. Babywearing was a fantastic way to tour around busy areas, but having a stroller was very, very helpful.

Tip: Find a stroller that is lightweight, has a good amount of carrying space, a large canopy and reclines. Make sure it folds up easy, for those areas where there are no elevators. We loved the Joovy Groove Ultralight.

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Tip: DEFINITELY Don’t skip the baby carrier. You’re going to need it for the times when you’re walking through the airport, and your stroller has been checked, and you can’t find one near the gate. Remember all the things you packed in your carry-on, for the baby? Those things just got a whole lot heavier when you add on the weight of the actual baby. Comfort wise, and convenience wise (like that pocket!) the Beco Gemini baby carrier with pocket, from buybuy BABY is a go-to that I have used since Stella was wee, only a couple of months old. Now, at eight months, we use it daily on walks, on nap times around the house when teething is fussy – and on hikes up mountains for weekend trips! Plus, there are going to be many un-stroller-friendly places when you’re adventuring – keep that in mind.

You’re going to be thankful for the baby carrier for those early-morning flights to the next country –

Muslin Isn’t Just for Blankets 
When we were packing, we wanted clothing that could be layered for us – and also clothing for Stella. After all, infants get cold quickly, and hot quickly. We learned that the Muslin one piece footies were most comfortable when she was in the Beco GEMINI carrier, because it helped to keep her cool and avoid the heat rashes that other pieces of clothing caused when she was in there for hours at a time.

Plan for Down Time
With a packed schedule of things that we wanted to do and see, we planned for some down time after a late lunch, and a late dinner, at the hotel. We found this best to determine the usual fussy-time and plan to spend an hour or two at the hotel where Stella was out of the carrier, out of the stroller, could sit in the shower (one of her favourite things) and lay on the bed, without the stimulation that comes from visiting a big city, and touring around attractions.

Have a (Loose) Schedule
When you’re planning your day, don’t plan too much. There are times when the baby is going to be sick and tired of sitting in her carrier, and you’re going to find yourself laying on the grass on a muslin blanket, eating croissants, by the river Seine. Totally still vacation worthy, but maybe not the touring you had in mind for the day. We planned one major ‘tourist’ attraction each day, and left the rest of the day open to explore the neighbourhood, or a different neighbourhood.

There was easily available public transportation when we were travelling in Paris, but it was just much easier to call and Uber and get where we were going, and get there quickly. You can either bring a bucket seat with you, for younger infants, or hold the infant in your lap. We learned that ‘car for hire’ were exempt from carseat rules, but there are carseats available with select Uber X vehicles, for a surcharge – for longer trips, or if you weren’t comfortable holding the child on your lap.

Don’t Overpack for the Baby
We packed one large travel backpack, for two adults and one infant – for ten days. How did we do it? We washed infant clothes (that’s why I’m thankful for the fast-drying muslin) in the sink one night, and for us, we chose clothing that was designed to wear more than once (thank you, anti-stink shirts). We brought along travel sized baby items, like diaper cream, and chose multi-use pieces of clothing, that could be layered, with a lot of one piece outfits – to make it easier when we dressed. You might be tempted to bring along extra clothing, extra toys, extra diapers and all the things you think you might need, but you can easily find something you missed (or lost) at one of the local stores.

Have you travelled with an infant? What are some of your tips for bringing a baby to Europe?




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