Day: June 30, 2017

#MomHack: Scan Your Pampers Rewards Codes with the New Pampers Rewards App

Collecting Pampers Rewards just got easier with the new Pampers Rewards App! There was a time, a few years ago – when we had one kid in Easy Ups and one kid in diapers, that we would gather up quite the stack of Pampers Rewards codes, to put into the computer. For months, I would […]

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Grass-Roof Houses, Canoeing and History – How to Spend a Day Exploring East of Edmonton

“We should take the kids to the Ukrainian Cultural Village.” I look at my husband and nod. The two of us had visited the site pre-kids but we had never taken the boys. And it’s perfect because I’ve wanted to visit Elk Island Park with the boys and the two sites are located within minutes […]

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